Introducing Rudy James NYC

Introducing Rudy James NYC, a collection of luxury apothecary and select home wares by Katie Zamoyski. Each product is made of the highest quality ingredients, all locally and sustainably sourced. Katie's handmade apothecary goods contain activated charcoal, a surprisingly serious powerhouse in skin health.

Curious about the benefits of charcoal? Keep reading and soak it in. 

There's a reason why that grey-hued, smudgy stuff called charcoal is being added to our beloved beauty products. Sure, applying a layer of something that looks rather dirty may seem counterintuitive. But while it may be unattractive in itself, activated charcoal works wonders for the skin. Put simply, active charcoal is carbon that's been specially heated to increase the absorbency and porousness. When rubbed into your skin, it acts as a magnet to draw out toxins, soak up excess oils, and clean out the deepest of pores. It's also able to absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities. So yes, it's a super ingredient, and yeah, it's natural. Sign. Me. Up.

Rudy James Charcoal Soaking Salts and Charcoal Soap, now at Johan. Shop Rudy James NYC.

Words by Claire Miller. Photos by Laura Housgard.