Claire's Fall Favorites

Guys, we made it. It's November. So the way my mind calculates it, November equals fall. Like true, deep fall. Fall gets chilly. If it's chilly, I'll need a sweater. Eh, it's still chilly so let's pop on a jacket. Then, I look in the mirror. My skin's dull and dry. I'll slab on some moisturizer.... and you get the idea.

Fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm going to be honest- I had to reel myself in a bit. Keeping it short and sweet, here's a list of what's on my mind as we navigate through the season of crispy leaves and warm coffees instead of iced. Oh, you can let out a sigh of relief- there will be no mention of a certain coffee chain's red cups. 

First on the list, a Stutterheim raincoat. Sleek and functional in three color options. I'll battle all the storms in this coat.
Johan - Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat Black - Portland, oregon

Remember when I said the part about dull skin? These charcoal salts will draw out impurities and leave my skin looking and feeling refreshed. 

Johan - Rudy James NYC Charcoal Soaking Salts - Portland, Oregon
Let's talk face. It's going to get d-r-y. This Aesop cream is my go-to. For added hydration, I'll probably add their Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator to my routine.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a very serious relationship with coffee. I'm talking like, co-dependency. I'll use these Ashley Hardy mugs for the perfect pour on rainy, lazy, fall mornings.

Every so often, I like to gift little goodies to my pals. I love these Corita Kent rules cards - so minimal, but such wonderful everyday reminders.

Johan - Corita Kent Rule #1 Print - Portland, Oregon

My favorite pair of pants by Elizabeth Suzann are now available in navy and salmon. I'll pair with chunky turtlenecks and trench coats as the weather transitions. I just checked; they're already in my shopping cart. oops. 

Who doesn't want this bundle of joy on their head? I'd happily parade this around.

Socks. They aren't just great gifts, they're snuggies for your feet, so choose wisely. I'm currently obsessed with these ones from Base Range.

If you're thinking "Wait! I need more fall in my life!", you are not alone. Swing by the Johan #shhhshop to get your fill of turtlenecks, moody natural fragrances, beanies, and wool coats. Hashtag cozy overload.

Words by Claire Miller. Photos by Laura Housgard.