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Introducing Rudy James NYC

Introducing Rudy James NYC, a collection of luxury apothecary and select home wares by Katie Zamoyski. Each product is made of the highest quality ingredients, all locally and sustainably sourced. Katie's handmade apothecary goods contain activated charcoal, a surprisingly serious powerhouse in skin health. Curious about the benefits of charcoal? Keep reading and soak it in.  There's a reason why that grey-hued, smudgy stuff called charcoal is being added to our beloved beauty products. Sure, applying a layer of something that looks rather dirty may seem counterintuitive. But while it may be unattractive in itself, activated charcoal works wonders for the skin. Put simply, active charcoal is carbon that's been specially heated to increase the absorbency and porousness. When rubbed...

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Alexandria Cummings Dot + Dash Collection

We first met Alexandria Cummings over drinks in Northeast Portland close to six months ago. Alex introduced us to her playful ceramics and we were immediately hooked. When the Johan #shhhshop opened in May, we nearly sold out of Alex's line. There is a very personal sense about her work, almost as though she made each piece with you in mind. The artistry is incredible, no detail is forgotten. We are excited to announce a limited edition Alexandria Cummings collection, made exclusively for Johan. The Dot + Dash collection includes four pieces: Large Dot Mug, Small Dash Mug, Dot Planter, and Dash Tumbler. Each item can be purchased individually or in sets. Considering each piece is made by hand, there will...

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